Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Colors...........

If you will scroll back through this blog you will see many containers of various color. Those containers were the result of using concrete colorant mixed into the paper pulp prior to adding the other ingredients of the recipe. I am always looking to expand my offerings and color was one way to fulfill that desire.

While the natural color has always been the best seller for us I'm sure there will be a demand for whatever color we can create. I am excited with results of this new finish process and only time will tell about the durability of this new finish. Winter's harshness will be the best test.

Small containers with finish applied, miniature patios installed, and ready for plants and accessories!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Miniature Garden............

My wife and I built a papercrete trough four feet long and sixteen inches wide. No plan just winging it as we went. I had built the mold late last Fall for a custom build project. That project was a success but we had not had time to reuse the mold.

One thing I had been wanting to try was to add feet to a project and with this being a larger project I needed substantial support. One pallet later the garden would have plenty of support and the feet I desired.

After the trough was dry and sanded it was time to add the plant material and accessories. I had set back a few items just for this garden I had been planning to build.

All finished!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pots on Stands.........

Pots on stands! I was sitting at a show just listening to customers compare notes about their gardens when a couple of ladies were discussing pots on their decks. One lady was complaining about water spots left on the deck from pots placed against the wood. Both ladies agreed that plant saucer under the pots took away from the display. But the juicy tidbit to come was that one lady said she liked to use plant stands under the pots which allowed any moisture that ran through when watering to dissipate naturally. We will now offer plant stands at each show and pass along the hint.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Like Plants Too........

We began out papercrete journey to fulfill a need for a specific type and size of pot. Journeys begin with a destination in mind but the side trips along the way provide all the fun! While loading the truck for an event this morning I ran across these two containers and decided to do a little planting. I think they will add a little spice to the booth this week.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Week of Production.......

A week ago today Peggy and I had an inventory of zero. Knowing that we had two well attended events to vend at this week production went into overdrive. It was a blessing that we had plenty of pulp already soaking and ready to use. I just finished sanding the last pieces and put them on the pile this morning. I will be vending at the University of Tennessee's Summer Celebration in Jackson, Tennessee Thursday July 10th and Peggy will be vending at the Butterfly Festival in Springfield, Missouri on July 12th.

We have presented our product at events in eight states since the first of March. We always have our ears open to what customers might want and those conversations have given us lots of ideas for new designs. Looks like it will be a fun few weeks away from the vending circuit before the Fall craft show circuit starts. The rest of July will be spent drinking sun tea and sitting in the shade trying out new things. 

One new event of note was an invitation to come to Fort Worth, Texas for the Tarrent County Master Gardener's Yard Art Extravaganza on October 25th. Peggy and I will be teaching the "Art of Papercrete" and vending at the event. Watch our Upcoming Classes page for more info on the event!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Custom Build..........

When we have building time and sometimes when we do not a request for something custom made is called in. A majority of the time those requests are made during our busiest times of the year and we just say when we have time but this one was for a special customer and I'm sure it is a project that might open lots of doors in the future. 

I found the metal stands in a flea market some time back and liked their looks. At the time I did not have a purpose for them but that changed quickly when someone needed a tall display. The bowls atop the stands are to be planted with miniature landscapes for display and the customer wanted something taller than normal to make the presentation a little closer to eye level. I was quite pleased with the results and I hope the customer will be also.