Wednesday, June 5, 2019


We have been asked more than once for containers or plantings of a religious nature! One of the first things on the to do list was to build a cross mold. We built two, planted one with sempervivums and left one empty. Took the pair to a herb festival in Oklahoma and came home with a smile and no crosses. Looks like we will continue to build the cross shaped containers and fill them with an assorted plantings. 

Hearts have also been popular and have sold well both filled and empty!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Build'em and Fill'em...............

Winter or at least the cold weather seems to be over! It is time to start filling some of our papercrete containers with plant material. We have amassed quite a pile of driftwood, rocks, and other natural materials to incorporate into our combination plantings! So let the fun continue! ☺

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ready to Go........

We have been hard at it building a sizeable inventory to begin the season with. We began building containers last November knowing what we had the most demand for during year. There is no doubt we will be long on certain items and short on others we will not be short on everything!!

It is against our nature to waste anything even the last little bit of recipe left over as we build larger projects. That last little bit is turned into what we call 'smalls'. The little containers are always popular when filled with succulents. They become an easy to care for plant arrangements. Many are purchased as gifts others are added to customers succulent collections.

My wife's papercrete hands creations were a big hit last season. They do take extra time to build and finish so she began in earnest to build a sufficient supply. Looks like I will have plenty to fill with hens & chicks this year. Oh what fun! 

It was our intention to have forty shells ready to sell this season. As we were building our inventory a special order was submitted for thirty five shells plus another eighty five containers to be delivered in early March. What a blessing to be instantly behind on production! That order is finished and ready to be loaded on the truck.

You can see our vending schedule for the 2018 season here

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Crevice Gardens in Papercrete Troughs..........

Show season has finally slowed down enough to allow me to experiment with new ideas. This is my version of a crevice garden using a papercrete trough and papercrete crevice rocks. The trough is filled with sempervivums and sedums. I will build a few more and see what customers have to say about them. Hope they like these little gardens as much as I had fun building them. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Fun..........

Leftover pumpkin head pots from last Fall. Now that Spring has sprung I decided they needed some hair! Small hostas, Variegated Ficus, and String of Bananas succulent all make good fillers!

Friday, March 3, 2017


I just took a tabletop out of the mold and allowing it to thoroughly dry. As soon as I have determined it to be dry I will sand the edges and corners and place it on the short stand which sits beside the top. The slot in the middle of the top will be planted with succulents. This top is 44" X 21" and is the second one I have made. The first top was sold almost as soon as it was displayed for sale! 

The mold is ready to be oiled and filled again. I'm thinking I will add concrete colorant to the mix for the next top. I like to make stands for the tops and other projects well ahead of time from recycled wood then placed outside to weather. My customers like rustic but then I have never offered them anything with a fancy finish.

Four days from start to finish! Here is the final product that has been sanded and is now ready to be planted! Time to start another one..........

And finally planted!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Papercrete Trough.........

Winter is almost non existent as of late yet it is our off season. Off season recreation for us includes days spent in thrift stores, flea markets, and even an occasional yard sale. While shopping last week my wife ran across a long low Rubbermaid brand storage container. It had no lid and was probably utilized to haul a shelf load of what-nots to the thrift store. A two dollar price tag enticed her to see what a long low trough might look like coming out of this mold.  

We were both pleased with the results of her labors on this one. Planting season is just around the corner and I am anxious to fill one of these troughs with an assortment of small sized plant material. I suggested she try building a few in different colors. Her response was "you will have to mix me some"! Well I guess I asked for that one! ☺