Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special People...........

In the course of my travels I run into people I consider special. Though unknown to them they inspire me to try new things, spark ideas, and make my travels an exciting adventure. I just returned from a whirlwind shopping trip to Portland, Oregon and beyond during which I received at least special to me an Acer Palmatum "Beni Kosode". The tree is tiny in every respect and perfect for the fairy gardens I put together. 

Driving an average of 700 miles a day through snow, sleet, rain, over hills, mountains, and vast expanses of flat may be brutal at times but returning with special plant material for my customers and something special for myself......priceless!

Today I gathered some of my favorite fairy garden accessories and put together a garden which will remain in my collection since it is filled with treasures from special people. Like an heirloom or picture album it can be enjoyed for the memories attached to it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Warmer Weather.......

The weatherman keeps saying that warmer weather is on the way......Yeah it has to happen sooner or later but here it is May the second and the forecast is warning of a few snowflakes over the next couple of days. If I lived well North of Southwest Missouri I might brace for such a forecast but give me a break.......snow in May!!! 

Oh well..... I cannot wait until Summer arrives to begin my gardening so snow or no I put a couple together today! They will be placed in the coldframe until warmer weather returns.