Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Refilling the Inventory.........

The off season here at the farm is spent building inventory for the beginning of the Spring sales season. Every year brings an increase in sales and we have used our spare time to get ahead of schedule this Fall. Peggy has found several suitable new molds during the Summer and along with some new ideas we tested this year we think we will have an outstanding selection of items to offer.

One item that surprised us this year is what we called "the smalls". When molding larger items our recipe is adjusted to accommodate the size of the project we are working on. When we are finished there is always that glob left at the bottom of the bucket. Being the tightwads that we are we found some small containers to utilize that last bit of leftover mud. When I first began building them I thought maybe give them away as samples. We did plant a few with single succulents for display and soon found they were some of our best sellers. This year I have made it a priority to find some new shapes and sizes to include in our inventory.