One of our most popular items are the nine and a half inch hearts. We mold these hearts and they are very uniform in size. They come in Shades of gray, terra cotta, buff, and pink. They are great for dish gardens.

Platters are another molded item and come in a full selection of colors. They are eighteen inches in length and three and one half inches deep. They also make great dish gardens for succulents and cacti.
A great small oval shaped container also suitable for dish gardens. Available in a selection of colors to match many types of plantings.
 One of the larger pieces we make on a regular basis is what we call a tub. These pieces are approximately nineteen inches across and seven inches deep. We build miniature gardens in them and we find our customers just love them. We like to combine dwarf japanese maples,  miniature hostas along with a few ground covers and other small plants to complete the gardens.
 A favorite of our customers is an item we call a punch bowl. We found a plastic punch bowl at a thrift store and use it as a mold to create an eight faceted bowl that is approximately fifteen inches across and six and one half inches deep. We filled this bowl with Hosta 'Wolverine' to illustrate the size.
 We add feet to many of the pieces we make. They make great containers to display small specimen plants. I like to fill them with dwarf conifers and maybe a miniature ground cover.
One of the first items selected when offered for sale are the rectangle planters. They are great for dish gardens and are about twelve by twenty and six inched deep.
The colors, sizes, and shapes of the papercrete pieces we make are almost endless. We find many things we use as molds. A few of these pieces were molded in molds we created from old pallets or scrap lumber.