Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just for Fun.........

Occasionally there is a chance to do something just for fun. It was mid September and the local Federated Garden Clubs gathered to hold their Fall Flower Show. A few local business were offered the opportunity to artistically display a table of products in addition to the show's regular display of horticultural selections and designs. Well the joke was on them as I have little or no artistic ability so I piled it out just as I would when I'm confined to vending in a small space. Needless to say it worked out well because many were interested in the product I had to display.

Miniature landscapes, fairy gardens, or whatever label you might attach to them are all the rage and that proved true during the two day event. Onlookers whether they be experienced gardeners or complete non gardeners were fascinated with gardens that were built to such a small scale. I certainly had a fun weekend answering questions and commenting on the gardens and supplies to build them. Like all things the party is soon over and I returned to the nursery to savor the quiet days, slow cups of coffee, and a chance to meditate on new garden designs for next years growing season. Hey if I run out of daylight I can always create a papercrete container or two!!