Monday, October 12, 2015

On The Road............

After spending a month on the road it is time to stay home for a few days, clean up a mess or two, and relax just a little. Our papercrete inventory is down to the nubbins due to good demand for our product but my notepad is full of new ideas to try. Our time spent vending, speaking, or teaching is also the time we have to listen to customers and students who come up with some great suggestions. Show vendors always gather to compare notes, discuss trends, and share their experiences and we relish the opportunity to meet new folks and occasionally meet someone who inspires us to try a new technique or presentation. 

This is the latest idea and though they are not in papercrete containers they will be for the 2016 sales season. We are at the end of our horticultural season and our plant supply for 2015 is almost exhausted. We have been buying lots of flea market containers to repurpose without a firm idea as to how they were to be used. With a pile of accessories and a box full of containers the gardens just seem to flow together. We will come up with something unique in papercrete to hold this type garden over the Winter I'm sure.  Fun, Fun, Fun!