Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And the fun begins.............

Spring is always a welcome arrival here at the farm! Plant material starts breaking dormancy, new growth begins, a resurrection of sorts. The Lonicera "Lemon Beauty" in the little garden is sporting some tiny buds of new growth and the Lindernia is beginning to bloom which causes the little fairy to kick up her heels at in fine Ozark's fashion to sing "Yeehaw it's Spring" 

The next month will be a frantic one between traveling, vending, speaking, and building gardens. While it seems somewhat overwhelming at the moment it is what we wait and wish for all Winter! I will surround myself with all the flea market finds, newly acquired accessories, and a grand assortment of plant material to pick and piece things together in combinations that I hope will appeal to my customers. I find that some customers just like to have a few gardens displayed to give them ideas on how to put their own gardens together.

Gardening in a small scale while not a new concept is enjoying a rebirth of sorts. Miniature gardens have been a fascination of mine for quite some time and supplying the plant material and accessories has become a good portion of our business.  As a vendor it is a pleasure to see a mother and daughter picking parts and pieces which will allow them to spend some special time together. Many times it is a grandmother who will gather items in anticipation of a special visit from grandchildren so they can garden together. Whether we recognize it or not we are inseparable from our connection to the soil. We all rely on soil for our existence but in this case it is an avenue to a time of recreation. A time of creation, a time of whimsy, a time of fantasy, a time of just plain fun, especially when shared by more than one generation!