Sunday, October 23, 2011


In any given year a little over 55 percent of paper created in the United States is discarded. That amounts to 48 million tons or the equivilent of 720 million trees that are used once and then buried in a landfill. Here is an idea which you can use to turn discarded paper into something useful! Using a simple recipe of paper pulp, portland cement, and various other ingredients you can create weatherproof containers for planting or a variety of sculptures.


  1. Hello, I've enjoyed reading through your blog. Your work is beautiful! I was hoping to see a basic recipe for papercrete. Are you willing to share it?

  2. Yes, please! I've also enjoyed reading all about your papercrete pots. I've got a bit of experience with papercrete, using it to make very large bricks to build with, which has gone well for me. However, the recipe I use to make bricks turns out a product that seems different than your finished product. I was also hoping very much you would post the basic recipe for the papercrete you are using for your pots. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  3. Email me at papercretevendor at gmail dot com