Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pots with Feet.....

Folks who stop to look at our products are always interested in the footed pots. Here are a few ideas on how we make them happen.
I first begin by creating an insert to place in the bottom of whatever I'm using for a mold. Many things can be used for this purpose but I use OSB available at any building supply store. I have also used insulation foam board, flat sheet styrofoam but since I like to make the same pot many times my personal favorite is OSB.

Place the insert into your mold. The insert will create voids which will become feet when you fill your mold.

Once you have your mold filled and had been allowed to dry a day or two you can remove the pot from the mold and carefully remove the insert which leaves molded feet on your container.
Once the insert is removed make sure to clean it before moving on to another project. Leave your pot to dry thoroughly then you will be able to finish the feet with a piece of course sandpaper. A little practice will make the task much simpler and you can develop your own style.

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