Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mini Garden Starters........

At almost every event I vend at I hear someone say, "I would love to build a fairy garden but I don't know where to start". It doesn't matter how much advice you can offer some folks just cannot picture the final product. In an attempt to help folks get started I have decided to create what I am going to call "Mini-Garden Starters". These will consist of a container with pre installed rock patios/walkways, trellises, or other hardscape items which will allow first time mini gardeners to be successful. With the addition of some small plants, a bench or other furniture, and a fairy or two a pleasing garden can be created by a complete novice.


A simple papercrete container ready for planting!


  1. Do the paths just lie on top of the soil or are they made as part of the papercrete pot?

  2. The paths are additions after the pots cure. I will be teaching the techniques in Birmingham, Alabama next April 25-26th or you can email me at the address found on the upcoming classes page.....