Monday, July 8, 2013

New Items in Papercrete.........

We have add several new shapes and colors to our inventory. Molds that were gathered in the past are now being put to use. Unusual shapes and colors are always in demand and it is our aim to serve our customers. This ten sided container is the result of using a wooden tub built like an old wooden barrel. The mold has to be soaked in water every few days to keep it from "fallin' to staves" when the wood dries out and shrinks allowing the metal bands that hold it together to become loose.

An enlarged version of our regular rectangle trough is becoming very popular with our customers. They have been purchased almost as fast as they dry and get displayed at the farmer's market. We make these troughs in natural grey, buff, and terra cotta in color. The mold was made from old pallet wood and a piece of wooden siding. Looks like I will need to make an additional mold or two of the same size to keep ahead of customer demand.

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