Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cat Tested & Approved............

" I love this one"

" Maybe"

 "A little tight"

"Works for me"

"Catnap Time"

After our pots are removed from the molds, allowed to dry, sanded and finished, we set them out on pallets to weather and season a little before we take them to sell. About dusk each evening all the farm cats gather and for some reason move from pot to pot and put their seal of approval on our work. I do not know what their fascination with the pots might be but it has been an almost nightly job for them as long as there are pots on the mat to test. 

This all began when my wife determined to make a papercrete bird bath. We have the top of an old BBQ grill that is used as a mold to make a large shallow bowl. A bowl was made with no drain holes and after it was dry was filled with water. The papercrete composition being somewhat porous did not hold water long. It soon became a favorite place for the cats to curl up in. Now it's "First Come-First Served".....

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  1. So sweet.... I bet they are enjoying the heat of the pots after the summer sun warms them... cats love to be warm, don't they :)