Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Custom Build..........

When we have building time and sometimes when we do not a request for something custom made is called in. A majority of the time those requests are made during our busiest times of the year and we just say when we have time but this one was for a special customer and I'm sure it is a project that might open lots of doors in the future. 

I found the metal stands in a flea market some time back and liked their looks. At the time I did not have a purpose for them but that changed quickly when someone needed a tall display. The bowls atop the stands are to be planted with miniature landscapes for display and the customer wanted something taller than normal to make the presentation a little closer to eye level. I was quite pleased with the results and I hope the customer will be also.


  1. Do you sell your pots anywhere online? It is surprisingly difficult to find large diameter, but shallow pots for mini gardens. Thanks so much!

  2. I do not sell online. For more info you can contact me at thepapercretepotter at gmail dot com.