Friday, August 1, 2014

Miniature Garden............

My wife and I built a papercrete trough four feet long and sixteen inches wide. No plan just winging it as we went. I had built the mold late last Fall for a custom build project. That project was a success but we had not had time to reuse the mold.

One thing I had been wanting to try was to add feet to a project and with this being a larger project I needed substantial support. One pallet later the garden would have plenty of support and the feet I desired.

After the trough was dry and sanded it was time to add the plant material and accessories. I had set back a few items just for this garden I had been planning to build.

All finished!


  1. I am curious about how much the trough weighed before the dirt and everything was put in?

  2. 60/65 pounds and that is an estimate determined by how much recipe I used to build the project!

  3. You are incredibly creative! ! I hope you can appreciate Your genius from where you're sitting. ;-)