Monday, January 9, 2012

December Production.......

Here at the nursery the winter months are filled with getting everything cleaned up and ready for Spring. It is during the winter that I have time to produce enough surplus papercrete pieces to keep me supplied while vending at events across the U.S. December is cluttered with so many other things to do like Christmas ;>) to really get into production mode. The good news is that the cold days of January and February are usually reserved for inside work.

I will be working on making some new molds and experimenting with new shapes and textures. Many of the folks that have taken my classes share their ideas and experiments with me and I am always amazed at their ideas and ingenuity.  I have taken others ideas and put my twist on them or have adapted their idea to my process with great success.

One of my students created these simple papercrete sculptures she calls "Bottom of the Bucket Snowmen". Simple yet elegant and easy enough for anyone from 8 to 80 and beyond to create. This lady lives in the Northwestern Illinois area and is available to teach papercrete classes in that area. Contact me here to get more information about her papercrete classes.

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  1. I'm suggessing you as a speaker for our St. Louis Hosta club. Hope you don't mind.