Monday, January 16, 2012

Warm January Day.....

January 15th and it is over fifty degrees outside. With those conditions I needed to play with something green and alive so I grabbed four Aloes off the bench and potted them in a papercrete trough. I think most gardeners get the itch this time of year. Most are tired of being inside just reading about gardening and having plans that will be fun to get started on as soon as the weather becomes agreeable. We all treasure those days when the weather moderates and we can get out and at least accomplish something in the garden even if it is only potting a plant or two.

My wife took the opportunity to take all her house plants outside and watered them with the hose. I'm sure the plants shivered as the cool water hit but appreciated having half a winter's dust rinsed from their leaves. With the nighttime temperature forecast to be forty plus they had to spend the night outside to drip dry. They certainly looked perky this morning as she carried them back into this low humidity environment.

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